D H Christie Memorial PS

D H Christie Memorial PS

“Working together to be the best we can be!”

Ballycairn Road, Coleraine, Londonderry BT51 3HX


02870 343740

School Events

School Events

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KS2 Responsibility Badge Winners!

Every one a SUPERSTAR!

Miss Foster Being Miss Foster


Everyone: You can't sum a person up in one video...

Miss Foster: Hold my coffee.......


Year 7 Leavers Assembly



To view galleries of our wonderful school show, The Wizard of Oz, CLICK ON THE PIC

Some pics from our Senior Sports Day. Great fun was had by all! To see VIDEOS and PICS of the Parent Races, click HERE. To see VIDEOS of the Kids Races, Click HERE.

The Christie win Team Silver at the Coleraine & District Interschools' Athletics.

What a FANTASTIC TEAM!!! Here's what they won:

Jasmine: 100m Gold, Relay Gold, Long Jump Gold, Team Silver

Josie: Ball Throw Gold, Team Silver

Sorcha: Relay Gold, Team Silver

Alyssa: Relay Gold, Team Silver

Isabella: Relay Gold, Team Silver

Kyden: Relay Gold, 100m Bronze, Team Silver

Clark: Relay Gold, Team Silver

Isaac:  Relay Gold, Team Silver

Elijah: Relay Gold, Team Silver

Kiera: Long Jump Bronze, Team Silver

Amber: Team Silver

Hannah: Team Silver

Jack W: Team Silver

Jack C: Team Silver

Peter: Team Silver

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